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LA Trip!

For vacation, I'm taking a trip down to LA. I haven't been there in about three years, and there's a few people I need to see. Sadly not everyone will be free, but most will be.

Thus July 15th:

Virgin America #944:
- Depart SFO @ 7:05pm
- Arrive LAX @ 8:35pm

I'm staying with Samantha most of my time. She'll be picking me up and we're goign to dinner. I don't expect much else for that evening.

Friday July 16th:

So far no set plans during the day besides lunch with the composer for Antidote.

At night, Sam, *Ny* and myself will be going to Das Bunker, a EBM/Industrial/excuse to wear corset club night.

Saturday July 17th:

The day is totally free at the moment. I thought there was a beach party from an old Emerson coworker, but apparently that was this weekend. So day time I'm free for the moment.

In the evening, I'll be taking Sam to see a production of "Twelfth Night" from an old Emerson friend, Katie S. I'm bummed that I can't hang out with her beyond seeing the show. She also had a children's show opening the same weekend.

Sunday July 18th:

Disneyland! Going with *Ny* and anyone else who wants to come along.

I'll be staying with *Ny* that night so she can take me to the airport the next morning.

Monday July 19th:

Virgin America #927
- Depart LAX @ 11:35am
- Arrive SFO @ 12:50pm

Could have saved $40 if I left on a 2pm flight, but I wasn't going to sit around LAX for 6 hours. Especially when there's nothing around LAX and no power drops anywhere.

Any of you in LA? I'd love to meet up!

Is there anybody out there?

Yes, I haven't been posting in never. Part of it is the lack of inspiration, but I think that's in part of not knowing if people even read this anymore.

So to figure out if people do read this, I'm going to give you a big shiny red button to push. If you read this, check the checkmark and hit send. That's it! Heck, only I can see the results. No reason not to!

Edit: Don't worry if you're didn't instantly respond. I don't expect anyone to read RIGHT NOW, but do check the box if you're reading.

Are you there?


New Jorb Party!

Last night (Friday) I celebrated my new jorb description with as many friends I could invite. About 12 showed up including both of my girls and crowded around a table at Jupiter. It was a great few moments for me as now I have more time for my friends and lovers with this job adjustment. Oh there will be crunch times, but as I'll be on ONE project (not ALL of them), they won't be a rolling wave of suck.

It's also time for me to get back to conducting physical activity. That's the one thing I miss about living in Boston: Exercise was apart of my commute.

Speaking of, about two weeks till I'm visiting Boston. PLANS PEOPLE! MAKE THEMS!

Holiday Cards! Need your mailing address!

Am I late with this? You bet-ya!

I'm going to do holiday New Year letters this year. If you changed mailing addresses since November of last year (2008), please contact me with your new address. If you want a card and don't think I have your mailing address, send it to me now.

My information is always here if you're on the whitelist to view it.

I put comments to screen, but use the e-mail, Facebook, or other forms of communication if you want to keep things under wraps.

Please Donate to Ümloud!

Over the weekend we finally got numbers for Ümloud! Meaning, we have the California corporation number, which allowed us to get the IRS EIN number, which allows us to get the bank account, which allows us to take in checks and do donations buttons.

If you're going to Ümloud!, then don't worry about the donate button. The button is for people who want to give, but can't make it. It's a charity event, but also think of it as a party for my all of you, my friends. A party I helped rent DNA Lounge in order to have. ;)

If you can't make it, please consider making a donation.

Your donation is going straight to the children's hospitals under the Child's Play network. This includes Detroit Children's, Boston Children's, as well as Oakland Children's and many others. The games, books, toys, and other things you buy help make a hospital stay easier not only for the kids, but the families effected by a child's illness.

You don't need to put in much. $5 would be awesome! I personally make sure your money is going to Child's Play and straight to the hospitals.

If you can spare a few dollars, please consider a donation.

What ever your decision, thank you for your consideration.

Checking In!

Wow! What a wedding and post-party wedding! I'll have much more later, but wanted to check in with my last night here in NYC.

For all of you who like to follow my flight, it's JetBlue #641.

Checking in via NYC

An update while I'm here in NYC.

I've spent most of my time with Amanda Rose with both crashing at her apartment and pretty much doing everything together. Right now she's taking a break from me with her family in town for a few hours. Tomorrow is *J*'s wedding.

I arrived Tuesday afternoon from Laguardia. Not exactly my pick for airports, but JFK was an extra $200+ to fly into from Detroit. Took the bus then subway to the New York Public Library and walked towards the office Amanda was working in. Settled at a bar called The Australian where I had a Harpoon UFO. When Amanda turned up, we went back to her place to drop off my stuff and then out to meet up with Numi for dinner.

Wednesday, Amanda and I went to the New York Transit Museum. Nice little museum which featured all of the turnstiles and passenger cars used for the MTA. Photos here.


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Lindsay's Wedding (Part 2 of 2)

Please read part one first! This will finish the series and from me writing so deeply about last weekend. Normal programing to resume after. :)

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To all of you whom reached out to me in the past week or so, thank you. I have some awesome friends who really support me. I hope one day you'll finally get to meet Lindsay & Dan!

More importantly, I need to thank both Lindsay & Dan. I know that my presence may have added an outside dynamic to your relationship witch each other. It's well within your rights to not have invited me, let alone still keep in contact with me. Instead, we have a working friendship with each other. I don't see failure in my decisions to leave. The only failure would be if I had lost all contact with Lindsay. Instead, I have a strong friendship with her, and now a new friendship with Dan. This, above all else, is the true success. This is why I am extremely grateful that the two of you are together.


Lindsay's Wedding (Part 1 of 2)

This will be the last big emotional unload for me. It's been an emotional workout for me, but I'm now able to live in the present. I'm still open for anyone talking about this, but this will be the last big unload of on this matter. Not that I will resign from commenting further, but I resolved a lot of things on my own this weekend.

This will be in two posts as it's a little long. :)
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